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* Anywhere at all? So could I use a network mount and have OmniFocus running on a desktop computer at home, using the OmniFocus database on the computer in my office?
Yes, you can use a network mount. The only problem is performance; OmniFocus is not yet optimized to minimize traffic to its database, so it can be slow over a wide-area network depending on the speed of your connection.

Improving performance over a wide-area network is one of the areas we want to work on after we ship 1.0.

And if I did that would I need to carefully shut down the copy of OmniFocus in the office before going home, and vice versa?
No, you don't have to shut down the other copy of OmniFocus; it maintains a lock file which tracks which application currently has write access to the database, and double-checks the lock before writing any changes. If your local copy no longer owns the lock, it will prompt you to reload and override.

Unfortunately, reloading currently loses whatever change you were in the middle of trying to make (since you were changing an out-of-date set of data), so it's a good idea to trigger this reload as soon as you start using a different copy. (You can do this by closing and reopening the app or by trying to make a change that you don't mind losing—it's a little awkward, but at least you don't have to go back to the other computer to quit it first!)

Since this locking logic was written we've gotten better at merging changes from multiple computers, and our plan is to get rid of the "override" prompt and just transparently merge the changes made on the other computer. But again, that's something we plan to work on after we ship 1.0.