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Hi, here's how I'd use a cloning feature, if I understand the concept behind it - my apologies if what I envisage below shouldn't be called "cloning":

My main activities in multi-column OO files are sorting and filtering. OO doesn't handle "filtering" of tabular data as it is commonly understood (I'm thinking of MS Excel), but it does support sorting - although in a destructive form.
I would therefore like to "clone" my data in order to just display them according to my need at that moment.
So I guess my idea of cloning would be more like a "layer" of background data - the raw data and text and information you're actually inputting, and a number of different visualizations to suit different needs, i.e. filtered views, sorted views, or a view of, say, rows 12-15 and their sub-levels hoisted in a separate window, etc. At the same time I should be able to edit my data whenever I need and no matter what visualisation or window/pane I'm in.