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I am trying to debug the toolbar search to add other search engines.

I have been opening Firefox exactly for this reason, until my recently reading an old review for OmniWeb 5 pointed this out to me, that I can add my own search engines.

The confusing bit is, there also seems to be an URL field shortcut as well.
And the method stated for adding a search on the fly, while visiting that page,
simply does not provide a useable search from the toolbar, unlike the search engines added to Firefox by webpage.

Google is built in, and it works. So is the autocomplete, that assumes www.<wildcard>.com. (www.*.com). But I think the syntax may be wrong for
search engines added by right clicking a search field on a given page.
Forinstance, what should the @ sign mean?

Lets say I simply wish to search wikipedia (english) from the search field.
The shortcut created by right clicking from wikipedia creates

name; wikipedia
keyword: wiki @

When I use the search field to search wikipedia for Apple, for instance
instead of the expected

the Url field shows....

This seems a bit backwards.

All I want is to make more working search engines from that search field,
to keep from opening firefox as often

okay, I tried adding the search shortcut again, and it works now. I must have edited fields in the preferences I should have left alone.

I suppose I could download the manual for deeper understanding.

OmniWeb 5.1.3 (v563.66)
OS 10.3.4 build 7h63