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Fjordaan wrote:
"3. The new OG5 keyboard zoom shortcuts are unusable. (Priority: 1)

I've reverted to using the Z key with the mouse button, but this requires me to take my hands off the keyboard. I understand you needed to change due to Universal Access, but why can't you just adopt Photoshop's zoom shortcuts? (Cmd-Space / Alt-Space is currently unused.)"

Except that Cmd-Space is not unused, at least on all keyboards I've known. It's irritating enough that when they introduced Spotlight, Apple decided to set Cmd-Space as the shortcut key for that, reversing the practice of decades and one that is standard on Windows too, that Cmd-Space switches keyboards. At least you can revert to this standard through the System Preferences, but if the OmniGroup hijacked that key combination, it would make life misery for all those of us who use multiple languages through different keyboards.