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Thanks, Jonathan. I will definitely go and define some keyboard shortcuts. And if I remember, I'll share them here. Have any other users ever shared their favourite custom shortcuts?

I guess I was reluctant to go down this route before as it still seems unfamiliar to me to customise application shortcuts in System Preferences.

But I would still feel as if I'm doing something that the application should've done in the first place. Most users don't like customising software. My favourite applications are those that anticipated the features used most often and put a lot of thinking into defining the best possible shortcuts for them. The touchstone for me is Photoshop -- not only does almost every single key have a function, but they've done really well to keep chording to a minimum. (They'll first consider whether there's a single key that'll do the job in that context.)

Creating a keyboard shortcut takes time that you usually don't have when you're on a deadline, and a lot of thinking to decide on the best combination. And then, when you work on a different machine, they're all gone. You're also forced to create complicated chords. I couldn't, for example, define the "Home" key to go to the first page if I'm not inside an edit box.

Anyway, just a gripe. I'll follow up with the issues above that I manage to solve by defining custom shortcuts.

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