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Happy to help! Both applications use columns of data in an outline format, but OmniFocus is designed around a specific task (helping you remember things you need to do and pick which to do next) while OmniOutliner is a general-purpose document-creation application - you can use it for a wider range of activities.

While you could set up an OmniOutliner document as a to-do list and do some OmniFocus-like activities in that document, OmniFocus wouldn't work as well for taking lecture notes in a class, writing a screenplay, or tracking all of the movies and books you own (which are examples of some of the tasks that folks have used OmniOutliner for).

It may be helpful to download OmniOutliner and this sample document pack we have on our website: it shows a couple other examples of things you can do with OmniOutliner.

Thanks, I'll have a look at the demo files.