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We are infact talking about assigning contexts to projects see Ken's post earlier in this thread.

"I think it might be more helpful to view the list as items that are actionable, and as such projects can appear in the list ready to be acted upon.

In such case, you either complete the project (action), drop the project (action), hold the project (action), or add an item to the project (action). So, it makes a perfect sense for the project to appear in the list for me to act on. . ."
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's a picture of the OmniFocus inspector looking at a project.

See how it says "default context"? That is the field Ken is suggesting you set.

Here we see it in action. All it is doing is entering the value of the default context if I don't enter something myself. This is not a new feature.

Again, as I said, it's not a context for the project, it is a default context for the actions contained in the project. Ken just didn't bother to type all of that out. Projects don't have contexts, they have actions, which do have contexts.