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Hi all,

Ok, coming back to OF my main problem remains that of the reference material. I've been with reQall for an academic year now, and it's very, very nice to be able to separate actionable materials from "notes" (something the zombie Midnight Inbox seemed to do decently), and it's even better to have those notes a) portable (cloud-based) and b) within the same app as the actionable stuff. Now b) seems to cover a) to some extent: e.g., if notes were part of OF's database, they would get synced as well and be available across my 3 platforms of greatest interest (laptop, iPhone, iPad) [I was made a cloud convert over this year, but the iPad really changed the game and I'm now lugging it around most of the time]
The great advantage of reQall is that it also 'bugs you' with reminders, meaning that I review regularly and in a quite ingenious fashion the reference material; however if reference material [just talking notes here] were integrated to OF, I could see how it would be easy to assign review dates to get around this issue.

Now the reason I'm seriously annoyed by this is that I do my 'brain dumps' in OF, and that includes lots of non-actionable stuff. I've tried keeping it in dropped/on hold projects in OF, but that's pretty counter-intuitive. I'm also not a fan of exporting it to another software (script, etc.) as it breaks a bit the continuity of my workflow (it works for a while but not when you have massive amounts to process, one reason I moved away from the otherwise very interesting Ready-Set-Do). Also, the only export that I'd truly consider at this point would have to be towards either reQall or Evernote so that I could access the data on the go.

I've of course already voted for a notes feature in OF, but I'm wondering if in the great world of the forum there are any new solutions for this particular type of issue (Inbox=>Notes=>cloud-based reference) that I haven't considered. I know that a year or so ago a lot of people including myself were looking at apps like Bento, Together, Yojimbo, etc. (not to mention a lot of the 'black belts' here using OO) but I think things might have shifted a bit?

Looking forward to your ideas!