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My solution for this is probably too simple, which must mean that I haven't understood the question!

I have a context called Reference and a folder called Reference with a number of single action lists in called: Computers, Excel Advanced Book, Pens etc. etc. Anything I want to dump goes in there. I want to keep all of this stuff together hence why I have tried to stick to OF.

I have not converted to the cloud as yet. I am trying Evernote, more for it's PDF OCRing than anything. I am also playing with Notational Velocity (great app) especially as it nows play nicely with SimpleNote. I have MobileMe and use iDisk, but not often. If I do use any of these it will take me some way from keeping everything in OF, but I think that I can justify that to be able to search PDFs on Evernote or for files in MobileMe. Annoyingly I am going to struggle to justify my favourite apps Notational Velocity and SimpleNote.