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Hello all, I have been traveling for the past couple of years and I a have just settled down to start working again and I started to put my old systems back together which include OF on my new Mac and my new iPhone. Both are running current software and current versions of OF.

My problem is that I am unable to get passed the start-up in my iPhone. The mac software seems to be running fine, but when I go to start OF in my iPhone I am prompted to create a new db or sync. I choose sync and I choose "other" and I "send settings" from my Mac and I receive said settings on my iPhone, but when I click on the settings I receive all that happens is the link turns blue and it just sits there. I have also emailed the settings to myself and I have done a complete restore on my iPhone and several reboots on both devices.

I searched the forum and did not find anything, so I am guessing I have just overlooked something. Any help appreciated.

**UPDATE** Just went back to it and fixed my webDAV settings and all is well now. I knew it was something simple. I just needed to talk about it I guess ;)

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