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Imagine a paper-based workflow system consisting of a calendar, action list, and journal (often in the same book). When a project is in the future, this system functions as a planning and reminder system. As the project goes active, the system morphs into a project management tool, with messages, diagrams, and copies of formal outputs being written or pasted into the journal. As the project is completed, the addition of some index entries turns the system into a historical record and work log - a reference tool searchable topically and chronologically. One system accomplishes all of these tasks. The problems (at least in my world) are that the data stream is largely digital, making conversion to paper inefficient, and the volume of work is simply too much to manage in so simple a system. Still, the ability manage the whole of life in one system retains its appeal.

OF is all about task management. It doesn't make any claims to being a work log, historical record, or reference system. Have any people on the list attempted to make it do what I've described above? If so, how did that work out? Alternatively, have you found historical and reference systems that dovetail efficiently with OF? Finally, how do you manage all of the above while syncing OF across two computers, an iPad, and an iPhone?