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I tend to use OmniFocus for the Runway up to the Areas of Responsibilities horizon - those are the lower levels of horizons.

For higher levels, I work from a mind map. Every quarter, I'll look at my mind map, revise it, update it, and then start creating new projects in OmniFocus based on my mind map. My life and my priorities will change over time. It is refreshing to be able to see a mind map of what I want and then watch it evolve over time.

XMind and Freemind are some freeware programs for that kind of stuff. MindNode Free is also on the Mac App Store.

Right now, I'm using Mindjet MindManager but I think I am starting to look at NovaMind a lot more now that version 5 is in public beta release.

I can't expect OmniFocus to be an "everything GTD" program. So it's perfect for the lower levels.

I tend to think of OmniFocus as part of my GTD toolbox. I'm using DevonThink Pro Office for my reference system. OmniFocus is not a great program for a file reference system. Then I have MindJet MindManager for my upper Horizons of Focus. Then I have BusyCal for my calendar.