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Sorry for the confusion, Sprocketjocky - if you set the Availability filter to "Available", then the grey items will be hidden, but they're intended to be visible when that filter is set to "Remaining".

In the second screenshot, the items are hidden because "Calendar" is a sequential task group, and the first item has a future start date. The due soon items won't become available until step 1 is checked off.

Third screenshot: looks like the Calendar group *and* the actions it contains are all set to repeating. (Note the arrows chasing each other on the right; that means the item repeats.) Based on your description, it sounds like you want the group to repeat, but not the items in the group.

It kinda sounds like you're trying to make Project mode behave like Context mode - if you switch to Context mode, you may have an easier time of getting your actions to display the way you're looking for.

(Based on the due dates, are the Call/Update/Email actions in the intended order? Generally, initial steps come at the top of a project, and the later ones at the bottom. Since you can't call the person until 5/17, it sorta looks like that should be the last step, not the first.)

Hope this helps!

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