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There doesn't seem to be a reasonable way to do that.

An alternative is to lay out the stencil with a descriptive text caption next to each graphic item. Those will be visible if the stencil palette view control (left side of the palette's toolbar) is set to see the stencil as a whole (left button of the control). To avoid having the text captions show up as items in the stencil, put them in a locked layer of the stencil's canvas and lock the items themselves.

Look at the Periodic Table stencil that came with OG to see how that's done in a general way. (Right click on it in the palette's list and choose "Edit a copy.")

(Now, that stencil in particular does indeed have a new shape type in it, "Atom." If you are feeling very, very curious, you can dive into the OG app's contents, find the Periodic Table stencil, open it (or its data.plist) in a text editor, and look for "ExportShapes" to see how it was done. Not for the faint of heart.)

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