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I've been an avid OmniGraffle fan on iPad for some time. In a new leadership role at a startup, we are Mac vs. PC centric. So Iinstalled my two Thunderbolt Displays and Intuos Wireless tablet and decided to give the Mac version of OmniGraffle a shot as a primary creative tool (bought years ago primarily to convert iPad sourced files for my PC centric client) .

The combination of OmniGroup, Apple, and Wacom technologies and high resolution screen real estate was tranformational!!! Once you program the Intuos Tablet for OmniGraffle the creative/concept development/capture process is the best I've experienced (including high end $$$ CAD systems).

After spending more time than I should admit capturing key concepts for our new companies product architecture, I sent copies to our development team (who all use iPads) to review.

None of us can open the Mac File. It was originally created on the IPad, emailed, opened on the Mac with no issues and extensively revised.

Error Message is:

"Unable to open file.
OmniGraffle cannot open this type of file"

I've tried direct OmniGraffle format as well as exporting into both alternate package formats. iPad is recognizing all as Omnigraffle and I'm opening the file in same. I've even tried opening the files in FastZip etc.

The contents of the file are Company Confidential so I cant post/share.

Any suggestions on what process I should be following, constraints/restrictions/limits when going from Mac to iPad, or troubleshooting tips to find and correct Root Cause?