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I'm sure some of you have a better way of doing this opposed to how I'm doing it now. Thanks in advance for the help.
I think the key is in the wording of the actions. Although I have a Waiting For Context most of my waiting for's still describe what I'm waiting for and what I should do if it becomes due. Its also worth while sometimes starting the task name with an abbreviation such as WF to show its a waiting for
"WF John to complete the Monthly Sales Report - Call John",
"WF Paul to call back regarding Project XYZ quotation - Chase up"

The more info you can put into the task naming the less confusing it becomes later. I think Merlin Mann said something like write the tasks as if your delegating them to someone else to do.. the more info the better.

I also add abbreviations to repeating tasks so I know I can close them without loosing them, as sometimes I used to see tasks and would be confused if it was a one off task or a repeat. So now I use $w $m $3w for weekly, monthly 3 weekly etc.