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that's what I've found. It's so easy to capture and collect things. But you have to prune the branches before the tree gets too big. Review is your editor.

Start looking a projects and delete projects that are no longer meaningful to you.

Look at any projects that have been languishing in OF for a long time and see what you can do about it. Does it need to be broken down into more digestable next actions? Does the task order need to be arranged to create an easier workflow? Or can the project be delegated to someone else with better skill sets, time, or energy?

I also put the majority of my projects set to On Hold. Ther are lots of projects that I don't need to worry about. So I'll put those projects' status to "on hold". But I know that it will be waiting for me in OF if I ever wanted to put it back to "active" status.

I'd also take time to learn how to use the "Review" mode. This will help you prune your projects and tasks to a more manageable size. The iPad was a godsend when Omni created the Review interface. We'll be seeing this brought over to OF2. I can't wait...