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If you ever need to modify work or home related actions from the other place, you'll probably want one database with both contexts in it. For example, you're sitting at work and realize that you might be running out of cat food and ought to check when you get home. You need a way to put this in your @Home context. This could be putting it in your one shared Focus database. Or sending an email to yourself, that will get automatically added to Focus at home when you check email at home. (See OmniFocus help or some other threads on this forum for other details on this.) Or a sticky note on your cell phone. A key part of GTD is getting stuff out of your head and into the system whenever the thought occurs to you.

And where do you put your @Errands context? If you ever go to the grocery store on the way home from work, you'll need to check it before you leave work. If you ever go on a weekend, you'll need to check it from home.

Many people have a USB thumb drive that they carry back and forth with their database on it. (Much easier to tuck in a purse or pocket than a whole laptop.) See several other threads on this forum for discussions of how to share databases between two computers.