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Besides the file size blowing up to mega proportions, I don't seem to have any issues with it. What trouble are you having?
That's the main problem. It's got to the point for me where syncing OF Desktop pegs my processors for 10 minutes at a time. OF iPhone now takes 7-10 minutes to sync and 7-10 more minutes to load after that. Also, syncing is causing duplicated Actions for me which was resulting in daily sync conflict resolution - by hand.

I thought I could stay away from the Alpha, but I was already back last night sinking yet another hour into the project. I basically deleted my webDAV Omnifocus.ofocus file and started over and reverted back to a "small" version of my database before the explosion happened (1 week old data). Syncing is a lot faster now. The file still seems to be growing without bound and I've, at times, had more *.client files that I've had *.zip files.

I guess last night the whole thing just freaked me out.