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Hi there,

I've created my first real project plan that has included resources and associated costs with those resources.

The main resource I've involved is only available 4 hours per day, and I've adjust their work schedule to reflect that.

I've assigned them tasks, leveled the project, and have a reasonable expectation of the timeline.

However, in considering the option to farm the work out to a development consultancy rather than bring on a single contractor, I was hoping to see this resource's "total hours".

Within the resource view of the inspector, total hours contains "8w 1d 0.7". That is fine, but I don't if it's calculating based on 40 hour weeks or what. The only way I figured that it must be calculating by 40 hour weeks is by dividing the calculated cost for this resource by his hourly rate.

However, it is doubly confusing because this resource's work week is only ~ 20 hours / week.

So, I'm curious if anyone knows of a way to configure this to display in actual "hours" rather than " X weeks, Y days, Z hours".

If not, and Omni is taking notice, please file as an RFE.