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Hi smalltownboy

There's no doubt better ways than the following suggestions, but I'll have to leave that to more experienced hands to explain!

If you just need a quick way to get pictures out, you can open the photo within OmniFocus and take a screenshot (press the power button and menu button simultaneously). It will add the OmniFocus image to Photos on your iPhone. The result will have the menu bars showing but you can crop these off in another App or on your PC.

As far as audio goes, the only way I know of is to borrow another iPhone, hit Voice Memo on that, play the audio stored in OmniFocus and hold them top-to-tail.

As you have a PC, I would recommend getting a different App for GTD. OmniFocus is more an iPhone viewer for people that have the desktop program, rather than a standalone App.

Hope the above helps. :)