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Do you have a WebDAV server you could use for syncing, even though you only have one client? If so, you should be able to retrieve the attachments, with a bit of work. I'll try to write up a description in the next day or two, when I can spend some "quality time" with a PC :rolleyes:

While I agree that OmniFocus is more powerful when you have both desktop and iPhone versions, I do think that one can do pretty well with just the iPhone app if one is proficient at typing on the soft keyboard.
As always whpalmer4, I'm in awe of your generosity in helping people on this board. However, as far as OmniFocus as a standalone App, I'm afraid that I totally disagree. If you re-read my technique above for getting audio out, I'm pretty sure you'll understand that I originally got the idea from a comedy sketch! Just to get a attachments out, your suggesting a WebDAV server (I have no idea what that is) and that's going to take you, an expert, quality time at a PC to explain. If you take a look at OmniFocus's competition, Apps such as 2do, Things, Remember The Milk, ToDo, etc. have varying facilities that let you email in-and-out including attachments, delegate an action to other App users, add to Facebook, 'tweet' completed, send as SMS or MMS, etc.

I haven't got any kind of grudge against Omni nor am I trying to promote other Apps. I've been using 'Outliner and 'Graffle since v.1 and have paid for the subsequent upgrades. I have 'Focus on my laptop and on my iPhone BUT I'm genuinely surprised that you believe that the OmniFocus App is suitable for someone who only has an iPhone or an iPhone & PC! I'd honestly be interested to learn from your experience, because I've stopped recommending OmniFocus to casual GTD users because of the lack of import-export.

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