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I've been using OG for years and there's one thing that bugs me no end. When I copy and paste from one layer to another or one canvas to another, the pasted element is always offset from the original position in both X and Y axes. And yet, every once in a while, it pastes it exactly in the same location, and that's when I go "Hallelujah"! But I have not been able to figure out the logic to make it do that.

I can understand offsetting if you're pasting in the same canvas/layer, but if I change layers or canvases it's more likely I want it in precisely the same location as it was in the other layer/canvas.

I've been very frustrated with this for a long time, I hope someone can tell me if there's a trick to getting it in the right place that I'm somehow executing once in a while without realizing? Or is it just unpredictable?