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Ok, another thing to try. I have very precise drawings, and I use a standard: eg. basic templates that include settings for A4 (portrait and landscape) plus a grid (2cm Major and 10 Minor); ShowGrid and SnapToGrid. This allows me to render the same "look and feel" to my drawings, and to move objects from one drawing to another easily (without having to fiddle around with changing sizes, fitting into another Grid, etc). This may have a bearing on the behaviour of the cut-and-paste.

Are you using the same Grid and Grid settings across the Master and all Canvases ?

Also try (annoying workaround that I use for those infrequent times when it misplaces the paste). OG seems to be intelligent enough to correct itself. After the Paste (in the X+1, Y+1 or other incorrect location):
That smacks it in the head, and always (the second time) places it in the correct location.

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