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Orange, not yellow, I expect, unless you've changed your style preferences. That's just the due soon styling of an action with a due date less than your due soon interval in the future.

If you want "Buy limes at the Korean market" to repeat every week on Tuesday and Friday, you set the repeat to Repeat every 1 week, and click on the Tuesday and Friday blocks in the row beneath. You may want to put a start date on the first action so that it (and the subsequent repeats) don't appear as available actions prior to when you want to work on them. The same difference between start and due will be applied to subsequent repeats.

This feature just gives you the effect of having separate parallel repeating actions for each selected day of the week without the clutter (or visibility). When you check off the task for Tuesday, instead of just replicating the task for next Tuesday, the code looks at the list of days and makes one for the next such day in the current week, if there is one, otherwise for the first one in the next week. Friday's in the list, so one gets made for Friday. Check that off, and it makes one for Tuesday.