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Here's the behavior I see with Snap to Grid selected*:
  • Arrow key moves the object one major grid step.
  • Shift-arrow key moves the object one minor grid step divided by the zoom factor.
In other words, with your grid, shift-arrow moves the object 1 pt at 100% zoom. At 200% it moves 0.5 point. At 50% it moves 2 pts.

This is somewhat reasonable. The effect is scaled to what you can see. If you zoom way in you can make very fine adjustments with shift-arrow; zoom way out and you can make only coarse ones. Arrow always moves one major grid step.

The rationale breaks down, though, when the zoom is not an integer or simple fraction. That typically happens when Fit in Window has been chosen as the zoom. If you see a 1.039 pt nudge, I'll bet you're at 96.25% zoom or thereabouts.

*For some unfathomable reason the keystrokes have the opposite effects if Snap to Grid is not selected: Shift-arrow moves a major grid step, arrow moves a zoomed minor step.

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