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I listened to the podcast (and all of MM's GTD stuff by the way) and while I am excited for some of the features of iPad/iPhone coming back to the desktop, I am a bit disappointed that it only sounds like a feature leveling with nothing new to add to the mix.

While I like OmniGroup's attention to detail sometimes I feel like they are the slowest software developer out there and could really use a faster more agile development lifecycle to keep up with the pace of the platform.

I'd rather have long gestation periods over the shenanigans that Adobe tries to put on people. Adobe releases a new Adobe CS Suite every year with incremental improvements and charges an upgrade fee. A lot of folks are still using older versions of Photoshop because they don't really want to pay for what appears to be incremental improvements.

Software doesn't appear magically. Oftentimes, these developers have to make sure their program works on different flavors of operating systems. My guess is they are trying to keep the Lion users and Mountain Lion users.

I don't necessarily think OmniGroup is the slowest developer out there. Mindjet still hasn't kept their Mindmanager Mac OS edition up to level with the Windows version. I'm still waiting for NovaMind to finally get their mindmapping program up to the Windows version. iTunes 11 was long time coming and was delayed an extra month. I remembered reading the BusyCal forums and seeing the "when is BusyCal version 2 coming?" Aw heck, Baldur's Gate iOS was delayed and the Mac version is still nowhere in sight.

It just seems like a long time because we're eagerly awaiting for Santa's presents and nobody is shimmying down the chimney just yet.

I'd rather get OmniFocus up to level first before starting to add groundshaking features. It provides a better starting point. Otherwise we'll be waiting even longer for a full blown OmniFocus.