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Sounds like you need another tool such as OmniPlan to handle complex projects with various contingencies, GANTT charts, decision flow charts, alternative paths, complicated dependencies, etc.

I don't recall many task managers that would have this kind of complexity. I don't see Things, Hit List, or Asana with projects capable of having variable branches. Maybe this will appear in the next generation of task managers. Someone will have to find a user-interface that can help streamline this. It may not be as easy as it may sound to create this type of feature.

Most of the time, we'll use a hammer. But sometimes, we'll need to break out the sledgehammer. Each tool has it particular role.

As much as I'd love OmniFocus to do all my thinking for me or plan my events, I don't think OmniFocus or any of the competitor's offerings will have that feature to help me foresee any and/or all possibilities.

I think that we can create a general outline or project of what actions need to be done. It is the list of actions and events that can be foreseen. I put notes and comments inside each task. I can always read the notes about the task I am about to perform. Then when i check off the task, I can re-arrange, delete or add tasks to my project based on the best information that I have available. my project is not set in stone. Adjust on the fly as needed.

And even if we were to have such a feature to handle complex decisions and projects, there will always be something called Life that will throw a monkey wrench into all of your perfectly laid plans. We won't be able to foresee every contingency.

As my favorite teacher once said "Humans can build an idiot-proof system but God will make a better idiot."

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