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Along these lines, it would be nice, if, in Forecast, projects/tasks that have passed their start date, but not yet reached the due date, would show up. That way, a quick glance at any day in forecast would show tasks that are DUE, and tasks that have been started.
Good call Doktor, I too would like to see this added! I really like the Forecast view and have been using 'defer' dates to place tasks and projects on the calendar that I'd like to work on, but that aren't actually 'due'. However, if I don't complete a task on the day that it is deferred to, when I come back to the calendar the next day it is completely cleared from the calendar - there is no easy way to see tasks/projects that have started recently. I have to remember to re-set the defer date into the future, or I end up having to sift through my projects the next day to see what was deferred but not completed.

It would be amazing to have 'recently started' tasks/projects in their own list in the 'past due' section of the Forecast!