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Hmm, the builds have disappeared from the 'staging' site, or am I missing something?
Sorry about that! We switched some build servers around and none of the new servers were configured to build OmniWeb. That's fixed now, so there should be another build posted soon.

I've been using my 64-bit 'untested' version for quite a while now, and it works rather well (only one crash in all the time, and of course the known limitations, but still far better than the old, 32-bit version).
Glad to hear it!

Just curious, what is the state of affairs? What (if any) are the next steps?
Well, the very next step is to get the build server to post a new build. :)

But after that, we're still in the same situation as I described at the beginning of this thread, waiting for my next vacation. (Since then we've shipped three iOS 7 apps as well as OmniGraffle 6—and now we're working on shipping OmniOutliner 4 and OmniFocus 2 for Mac—but I'm hoping to take some time off around the end of the year.)