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I can appreciate the time it takes to create and develop a perfect product but there are times when it's important to just get it on the street.

Omnifocus - is a wonderful concept and a welcome if not crucial development in the world of GTD applications.

ThinkingRock - was "the leader" because it stuck to the GTD paradigm and was multi-platform but it seems to have fallen back a bit because of the slow development cycle.

iGTD - attracted and continues to attract more attention and is building a sizeable user base because of the developer's response to user input and the speed of development.

Actiontastic - has taken a minimalist approach that some people like but is also very slow in its development cycle possibly complicated by its intention to link to a web site. (last post 2007/03/15)

So where are "we" poor GTD afficionados today in our "quest" for the perfect GTD application?

It seems most serious GTD people are eager to give Omnifocus a shot when it arrives but are in the mean time are using iGTD to get results unless we've a prior committment to Kinkless.

The new GTD adopters I come into contact with daily - a group of nearly 100 - are growing more and more frustrated with the wait.