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If I'm making phone calls, and have 3 calls to make: 1) I can call to reschedule an August doctor appointment, and it's due by the end of July while they still have appointments available. 2) I can call Payflex about submitting hospital expenses for reimbursement, also due by the end of July. Or 3) I can call my friend Steven for a chat since we haven't talked for a while, and I should call him in July because he's a teacher and school starts up in August again.
Three calls, all 'next actions', all are 'due' by the end of the month, and I have the time, energy, and context for making all 3, so which do I make?

I should make the Payflex call first, it's hands down the most important. But if I have a long list of calls to make (and the phone call to Steven can easily be multiplied by 20, I'm notoriously bad at keeping in touch with people), I would like to be confident that I'm doing one of the most important things available for doing.
You set the priority and that is the point. No software is going to know which one of those calls is the most important or process that information as quickly as your brain can.

Look at a list of 5 calls and you will know instantly which one you need to do first and you will.