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You're missing my point. Of course I set the priority, but I set it when I process the task, just like I set the due date and time estimate. Once processed, it goes into the system. And when I look at a context, I can choose to have the results sorted in the order of the priority that I assigned to them.

It's easy to look at a list of 3 calls or 5 and know which is the most important. It's not easy to look at a list of 10 or 20 tasks associated with different lab projects and know which is the most important, especially when you aren't the person determining a task/project's priority.

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You set the priority and that is the point. No software is going to know which one of those calls is the most important or process that information as quickly as your brain can.

Look at a list of 5 calls and you will know instantly which one you need to do first and you will.