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Ok, I know a lot of people here is very orthodox in regards to GTD and I'm aware that most of you don't want to see anything outside the 'holy book' of GTD in OF. But there is a whole wide world of people and potential users of OF that might want some things on top of it.

As for my own case, I've been using LB for years and I was all the time looking for another solution since LB doesn't seem to be evolving and besides many good things it has a horrible interface, it is a pain to add projects/tasks and a few more issues many other users have brought forward too.

I have tried several other GTD related apps, having tried iGTD for x times (I download it about every 2-3 weeks start working with it and throw it out again after 2 days - I can't say what it is but it doesn't feel right). Some time ago I tried again kGTD and got somehow started with it. About a month ago I got the invite to OF alpha and since then I have been using it in parallel with LB (safety net).

I have during these four weeks tried many different ways of arranging my data, I have also read DA'a book and I have read almost every single post on this forum.

The best system I have come up with so far is:
on the project side:
STUDY  (most important thing in my life)
- Administrative
- University
-- Course 1
-- Course 2
-- .....
- Other university
-- Class 1
-- Class 2
- Single Tasks
- Books to read
WORK (not as important as study)
- organizing (all GTD and tagging related stuff incl. sorting desk, etc.)
- website 1
- website 2  (there are about 10 sites I'm hosting/maintaining)
- Computers
-- (7 macs listed by their name for different maintenance tasks)
EVERYTHING ELSE (exactly what it says)
- Single tasks (everything that doesn't fit anywhere else)
- Personal (from hairdresser to doctors appointments)
- Dogs 
- Chores (anything in the house like A/C maintenance etc, mostly repeating)
on the context side I have actually only two main contexts
HOME (I'm a distance student and working from home)
DOWNTOWN (has sub-contexts by mall, store etc.)
When I tried to make more contexts the thing got totally out of control. I'm also not trusting myself that I would always think about checking various configs of filters etc. allthough I do use perspectives to focus.

The point where I see the need for priorities is that I had e.g. a task to do related to one website, critical, due date set and it got just lost in a pretty list of black and purple. I also need to have e.g. the Frontline and Heartgard repeating tasks for the dogs to show up top of the list when it is due.

How would I use the priorities:
If there are 5 levels of priorities, be it numbers or words, I would make 'Study' by default 2 (but books to read would be 4 or 5), Work by default 3. Then the dog meds would have 1 as well as other really important things too.

I guess there would be a way to achieve this with tons of contexts and filters, but then I will need another list (OO checklist?) to make sure I checked all possible configurations.

If everyone keeps on talking about the fail-safe system, for me a system like that allows me to not forget (overlook) important stuff without making me spend excessive time on checking the various possible list configuration.

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