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What I would really like is a per-singleton-bucket configuration that will let me control the behavior of which tasks are considered "next".

1) The current behavior is that NO tasks in a singleton bucket are considered "next actions".

2) Some have requested the ALL tasks in the singleton bucket be considered "next actions".

3) But, frankly, I can see the use for making the singleton bucket behavior more like a normal project, i.e. only the first single task should be considered the "next action". (This is handy when the singleton task list grows very very large and begins to overwhelm your context view.)

I realize regular projects behave like #3, but I can't tell the inbox to shuffle projectless tasks into a regular project.

And I may from time to time wish to change the behavior of my singleton bucket.

So this seems like a good candidate for a drop-down menu in the project inspector, perhaps even applicable to all projects (although this would definitely break the GTD system for normal projects).

E.g. "Next action: (all|none|first)"