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I'd call those "areas of responsibility" with associated projects, i.e. put them at the 20,000ft level rather than at the 10,000ft "projects" level. For example, your car example "Call dealer for appointment to fix seat adjuster" is probably really a next action in the project "Repair seat adjuster on car".
Depends on how much time you want to spend structuring your life.

To me, the car repair is a 2 action thing: call to schedule, then go @ the right time. One OF action, one Calendar event. [You may have more complications in getting your car to the shop; I don't. If it was more complex for me, I could see making a Project.]

I guess I could spend the time setting up a Project, but I really don't need one, because only one action will show in OF.

I also see the "altitude" levels differently. I see them as Someday/Maybe levels, where each 10,000 feet equates roughly to years in the future. So 10k feet would be things I might want to do next year (camping in Acadia Park), 20k would be things I'd like to do in 2-5 years etc. Car Maintenance is too immediate for this.