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Depends on how much time you want to spend structuring your life.

To me, the car repair is a 2 action thing: call to schedule, then go @ the right time. One OF action, one Calendar event. [You may have more complications in getting your car to the shop; I don't. If it was more complex for me, I could see making a Project.]
See, while I would agree that getting your car repaired involves more than one action, I still wouldn't make it a project, because most of the actions end up on my calendar.

I'd have the first task "call to make an appointment" in my task list, and once I had an appointment, it wouldn't end up in back in my task list, it would end up on my calendar as an appointment. And I never give my car to someone without knowing when they're planning on giving it back, so dropping my car off gives me another calendar appointment - this may change, but it's still hard landscape and doesn't go on my task list. A task may evolve from this if the broken bit is hard to fix, but until the task is ncessary it doens't go into my lists.

I keep my GTD system as unstructured as absolutely possible because I can drown myself in obsessive details and never even notice.

Unfortunately this is why OF is completely unusable for me at the moment - requiring tasks to have ficticious details to process them is what I cannot tolerate in my system - it's exactly the behavior I'm desparately trying to avoid.