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I think the vision of singleton actions is as single-step tasks that are independent of each other. If that's the case, why would you consider only one of them as a next action i.e. something you can move on now?
Because OF has a distinction between "Next" actions and "Available" actions. I want them all to be available, because, as you rightly observe, I can move on any of them now.

However, one of the benefits of "Next" actions over "Available" actions is in clearing the clutter. You could be doing any of your available actions, but "next" actions are simply the available actions you've designated as the next one to tackle.

Because I have so many available actions, I tend to have my active to-do list show only next actions (a much more manageable list I can spontaneously prioritize). Because singleton "projects" have no next actions, they don't show up in my to-do list.

That'd be because they aren't part of a project until you assign them one, wouldn't it?
I agree that this would be a little bit of a misuse of a project, but then again, so is making a singleton "project" bucket. I offered this as a simple implementation alternative to customizable next-action behavior within singleton buckets: simply remove the restriction of sending project-less tasks only into singleton buckets. It would effectively be assigning a default project.

I still prefer the flexibility to select all/first/none available actions to be "next" in a singleton bucket.