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Hi folks,

The PagePacker application looks like a great way to carry your context lists with you. It's fully scriptable, so I started looking at ways to link it into OmniFocus.

Unfortunately, there's no straightward way of scripting the "Save to PDF" functionality within OSX, so it's not easy to get the context lists out of OmniFocus in a nicely-formatted way. Fortunately, though, PagePacker handles plain-text files, so I decided to knock something together that pulls the context lists out of OmniFocus, and imports them into PagePacker as a series of plain text files.

The result is a bit ugly, but it seems to work fine. I'm not keen on writing AppleScript, so I implemented this in Python -- it should work on any copy of OSX, as Python comes pre-installed.

I've even added the ability to add your own PDF files to the PagePacker document (to add a custom title page, or whatever). Ultimately, I'd like to extend this using a toolkit I'm familiar with (a thing called ReportLab) that can create PDF files programmatically. With that, we'd get nicely-formatted context lists which could be imported into PagePacker directly -- assuming, of course, that Omni don't beat me to it by adding the functionality directly into OmniFocus (which would be the ideal way to handle this).

Anyway, I've attached my first cut at this script. There are instructions in the script itself, so if you open it in your favourite text editor, you should have everything you need to get going.

- Erik.

[Edited to upload newer version of script]
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