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Originally Posted by Agnostus
That sounds too familiar to me. Now, I am not an experienced OO user, but I find myself often in the situation where it seems the easiest ways to remove all styles and start all over - which is tedious. Omni might want to try to do something for the more casual users here, or: try to get better introductory documentation, as discussed in a thread in the OmniGraffle forums (I think its called "OmniGraffle the definitive guide")
I agree that it is far from intuitive. And as for removing all styles and starting over, it's often not possible to do that: my experience is that if an outline originated as a .rtf file, for example, it seems to inherit some fonts and sizes and weights that you have to change one entry at a time. Tedious hardly begins to describe it. Just Selecting All and setting the font doesn't seem to work.