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Sorry to be a Negative Nancy, but the icons are shoddy (what the heck is the deal with that site prefs icon??) and, far more importantly, the update is disappointing. OW still looks and behaves like a Tiger app, and has a bunch of annoying bugs that have been lingering for ages. I've never seen a browser go from first to worst so quickly.

It may be time to stop waiting for OW to get better, swallow the loss on the license, and move on.
I agree, I particularly dislike the drawer icon and the prefs icon. They look amateurish... The rest are ok, but I prefered the old icons better. Certainly these new icons don't make it justice for the fine high-class browser that it is. I would like to see new icons though.

I agree on the tiger bugs, what I'd like see fixed is the window position and the unnecessary window cascading.