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I'm testing out OmniPlan to see if it would work for my situation. I make websites, mostly on my own, with the occasional subcontracting work
I'm trying to setup a few projects in one file using groups ('cause managing a single project is pretty pointless in my case... multitasking is second nature by now... ;)

What I tried to do is enter all the tasks, set up the due dates as milestones, setup dependencies within "projects" (groups) but not between each "projects." Then I hit the "level" button and I thought Omniplan would figure out what needs to be done first in order to meet the deadlines (milestones) but it only gives me violation warnings.

It seems that it' hard wired to the order the tasks are listed in the task view... I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong here, I mean, I'm not a professional project manager, but in my experience, deadlines tell you when you have to work, not the other way around... It would seem pretty crucial for this type of software to be able to take deadlines in considerations...

I should point out, only 2 projects had deadline, but Omniplan seems to put them last in the chronology because they're listed last, whereas the other projects are listed first but don't have milestones so could be completed later on... Again, I didn't link them with any dependency so I don't get it...

edit: clearing the leveling and setting "constrain" dates instead of milestones on task groups fixed my problem - should have read the manual before posting... sorry about that :)

What am I doing wrong? :P

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