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I used to use a local WebDAV server to sync but switched to Bonjour with new release. Blew away DB on phone intending to start fresh from computer. Am able to see settings from computer on phone when I select Share Settings on computer and am able to select that.

No sync ever happens. I just get "Unable to synchronize database with server. can't find host" and a cancel/retry.

Mine doesn't work after failing one time like mmurray's. Mine just Fails :-)

Looking at tcpdump I *can* see my iphone attempting to talk to mac and getting a reset for its trouble.

Ho I gots it to work. Turned off wireless on phone, turned back on. Went into sync prefs on Mac, switched to 'connect to an existing' and then back to sync on this mac. set different password, shared settings to bonjour.

went back to phone, got settings again. this time I didn't go into host and turn off auto-sync. selected home, sync and got prompted for password and syncd.

So yeah one of those 80 different variable things above. :-). I suspect it was turning off autosync before first sync. Paranoid me.