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If I am interpeting the original post correctly, I think holritzphotography is observing that a second list called “Miscellaneous” is being created when a task with no project is created. The new task is placed in this second “Miscellaneous” list, rather than into the project with the same name that holritzphotography had already created (in accordance with configurations in Preferences).

What type of projects are your two “Miscellaneous” projects? (Select the project, open the Inspector, and click the Project icon. The button for Sequential, Parallel, or Single Action List will be selected). If the “Miscellaneous” project you created is not a Single Action List, that would explain why OF is creating another folder entitled “Miscellaneous”—the default title for the default Single Action List that is created by OF unless another Single Action List is specified. The default project for single actions must be a Single Action List—notice that in the drop down menu in Preferences, only Single Action Lists are options—which makes sense for tasks with no project. To have OF acknowledge your “Miscellaneous” project as the default for single actions, change it from Sequential or Parallel to Single Action List.

[It sounds like the user was inputting non-project tasks into a Sequential or Parallel project called “Miscellaneous”. Not having a Single Action List specified for non-project tasks, OF was creating a Single Action List called “Miscellaneous”, which was being used during synching. This would explain the two lists/projects. If tasks from the “Miscellaneous” Single Action List were moved to the “Miscellaneous” Sequential/Parallel project and the “Miscellaneous” Single Action List deleted, the behavior would repeat since OF would consistently not find a qualified Single Action List to serve as a default.]

Edit: The images do indeed show that both “Miscellaneous” lists are designated as Single Action Lists. Thanks for the catch, Malisa.

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