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I routinely fool myself into thinking that I can complete a halo action in less time than it would take me to manage it in the system. Ha ha ha. This is pure nonsense. I can add anything to the system in seconds, and manage most of them easily within existing contexts and projects! Yet somehow I rationalize that it’s better to work on a halo task as soon as it occurs to me, thus both completing the task and avoiding any organizational overhead, conveniently ignoring the fact that it will actually take, um, about 18 minutes to complete, and thus constitutes a fairly major distraction from whatever I was supposed to be working on.
Brilliant summary (more accolades for the writing). You have described the subconscious mind that so many aren't aware of. The siren song of just do it now, you don't need to put it into the system, the system is a waist of time, all the time spent into creating the system is causing you to not do anything. Those are some of the nasty thoughts that pepper my brain.

I attempt not to listen. Or to offer up arguments...
the system is not a waist of time.
I am getting more done.
I am stressing out less about all the things out there to do.
I can instantly start working on something without wondering what it is I have to do.
I don't have to remember everything.
I can make a choice of doing or not doing something instead of just not remembering it.
I can attempt to create fire resistance instead of putting out fires prioritizing my day.
I can be more realistic about what it takes to accomplish something.
I follow through on projects.

The one thing I find I would like more help with from OmniFocus is working on a single item.

In my imagination, I go to the iPhone, start on an action, if I find out interesting information I can add it to the project notes... while not loosing my place on the action.

If I find that the action needs other actions to complete it, I can add children actions to the action I am working on and begin working on those children.

Then I would have the OmniFocus. :-)