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Thanks again, Chris. Yes, I always keep the stencil and inspector windows open. The former is due to an excellent suggestion from Joel from Omni: the way to get the effect of a favorites menu item in standard OG is to have all of the shapes and lines of interest in an open stencil.

I tried using the grid and avoiding magnets. One of the problems with this is that connections always go to the middle of a shape. Therefore, if you have, say an op-amp, the inputs go to the middle, which of course is not what you want (there are two input pins). How do you avoid this?

Another problem with the grid is that your stencil items need to take account of it. Many of the things from Graffletopia do not (again, the op-amp in the electronics stencil does not). You need to make a completely new specialized stencil, it would seem. Is there a way around all of this?


Warren Nagourney