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Hey Wizards, Ninjas &tc.

I've been trying out keeping omnioutliner files synced between computers by saving them to my dropbox folder, but this has been performing very oddly as of late, causing lost data. Two main symptoms I've observed so far:
1a. When leaving OO in Computer A, I save and quit immediately
1b. When I open OO on computer B (well after dropbox does it's thing), I get a message that a backup which is more recent than the saved file is available
1c. seems like no matter which option I choose (backup or saved file) isn't updated.

2. Most recently, I had a bunch of linkback images pasted in a document from Latexit, and when I opened the file on Computer B, about half of them were missing...
2b. This was a brand new file, so no version existed on Computer B prior to sync with dropbox.

Seems like Dropbox & OO don't get along right now?