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Hi all,

(sorry about the large post - here's the gist: I'm concerned that switching from my webdav-over-home-wlan to using mobileme/iDisk might introduce more latency for synching than I can bear) - any anecdotes?

Since last August, I've been synching OF on my iPhone with OF on my Mac, using the apache server on my MBP17, over my wlan. This means I can only sync at home, and only when my laptop is running and open, but as a work-at-home employee I don't travel much and this works pretty well.

My database is rather large. Still fine, but OF on the iPhone takes a long time to sync, the first time after doing a lot of changes on the laptop (i.e. after a weekly review). When this happens, OF on the iPhone appears to be frozen for a bit, but if I can let it finish (which I always do, though it's a tad inconvenient) it's fine.

I've just signed up for the 2 month trial on MobileMe. I've often thought about whether it would work better for me to have an always-on, always-there sync for my OmniFocus - so I'm ready to give it a shot - however, I have a couple questions that you folks could surely answer:

1) from a glance at this new sub-forum, using iDisk webdav has some gothchas and things to watch out for. Since I have something that works now, would I be better advised to leave things well-enough alone as they are? I'd thought it would "just work".. Once I got my apache webdav set up here, there was nothing to it.

2) those big-bang "catching up" syncs, with my rather-large database concern me a little. I'm assuming there's a lot more latency from using an iDisk, or from using Edge vs. wlan (I disable 3G), or both... So, what have your experiences been for overall performance using iDisk for OF?

Say I'm out and about running errands and I open OF to view my Errands->Hardware->Canadian Tire context. Then on its own, it successfully connects to my iDisk and begins a sync - and if I'm somewhat out of sync, I could wind up waiting for a long time, perhaps too long for OF to be useful. At present, the connection just times out and I can continue using OF in "perform" mode when I'm out and about.

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