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Here's what I want to do:

I have a repeating project with sequential actions inside of it. When it triggers, I would like to see it in my "today" perspective, which is set to show flagged and due-soon actions.

Problem is, if the project has a due date, all of its children have an (inherited) due date, and are therefore displayed en masse in this perspective -- I don't want to see them all, just the next one -- that's why I set the project to sequential!

If I remove the due date, the project only enables the first action, as appropriate, but then it doesn't show up in my "today" perspective.

So, maybe there are two potential routes:
- how to get tame the behavior of inherited due date + sequential project (this actually seems like a bug to me)
- how to i get a slightly more expanded "today" perspective, which will also show, for instance, next actions.

The basic idea is that I want a concise view of stuff that's important. Since flags and due dates don't seem to work the way I'd expect with sequential projects, I'd hope there's some other way.