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Somewhere I've read that you should plan in OF and live in iCal... but I really don't like ical or mail and I think google apps are a better experience. Imap in Mail is boring, slow and behaves in strange ways. I use two computers and most of my life has migrated to google. We don't need applications complicated with features we never use, but I NEED ubiquitous computing.

The exceptions are Devonthink, Nisus Pro, Final Cut and... all omni app! They are a joy to use and really useful.

I've used Ominifocus since it was Kinkless. My problem now is to integrate it with gmail in a easy way. What is happening is that I use less and less OF.

I use OF to organize my life, but I cannot lose time copying and pasting things from email do OF and vice versa and email has become the biggest source of to dos...

So, I want to plan in OF and live in gmail and google calendar!

The way I see it, we could use google Tasks as the list of tasks at hand that need action and also as a way to sync emails with OF.

and OF would be used for thinking, organizing and iPhone.